SaaS Conversion Copywriter

I research , write and deliver a better experience for your SaaS customer lifecycle.

Let's talk copy!

"Thanh Lan understands our goals and she's been a great asset in our content marketing strategy. We will definitely work again"

- Francesco N. , SEO Specialist

"Thanh Lan has proven time and time again to be a true professional in her field: the ability to work on her own, to switch swiftly from one task to the other, to meet deadlines on time and deliver results above"

Michele Meloni - Editor in Chief

"Thanh Lan started a totally new journey with us in Computer Science and proved to be able to adapt quickly to new scenarios and solve problems fast."

Make School - SF

Work with a conversion copywriter that gets SaaS.


Working with a process

I follow a process that brings results while keeping you updated.

Meeting deadlines.

I start a project. I set a delivery time. That's it.

Understading at what stage your customer is.

I deliver words that match the best solution wherever your customer is in your funnel.

Get copy for every stage of the customer lifecycle

Lead Generation

Turn quality traffic into more leads to your email sign ups, demos and free trial sign ups.

User Onboarding

Move your leads from inserting their email to the AHA moment

Customer Acquisition

Help them to see the solution they need into the value you offer, not the pricing tag.

Customer Retention

Grow your MRR/ARR by finding the words that will let your customers stay with you.


Deal Size

Make the upgrade to your next paying tier as the next natural step to your customer's solution.


Customer Referral

Give your customers the words they need to tell the world why they love you.

Hi, I'm Thanh Lan.

In more than 10 years of experience of crafting words for a living, I became a multimedia journalist, than a content writer, than a conversion copywriter.

I've become a research master in understanding:

- where your customer is in your sales funnel

- are they looking into your features, or trying to find the best way to solve their problem?

- why do they not convert?

- why don't they want to pull their credit card?

or maybe your copy doesn't know how to fill the gap between their pain point and your SaaS product?

- do you know how to align your USP to their deepest needs?

Let's talk copy.