My Process: From "hi how are you?" to "we have 2xed our revenue!"

My streamlined process to partner with clients, keep every timeline in check and deliver a top notch result.


Our first shake hands

You submit my form. You get my reply within 24 hours. We start talking.

Prompt reply :

- Within 24 hours you get a short questionnaire to see if we can start a partnership. If that assumption turns out positive, I put you on my calendar for a short intro call.

15 min Call :

- We hop on Zoom and I start asking some info about your proposed project, timelines, and estimated budget for this project. We exchange as much info as you want.


Proposal & Quote

By this point we have met, I already have a map on how to sort out your copy needs and align your funnel to where it needs to be.

We can start to talk to have a deal.

Online Proposal

This brief proposal includes :

- What we expect from each other during our business relationship.

- Our roadmap to make this goal successful.

- Streamlined steps and items I will deliver.

- The very first date to start the project once the proposal is e-signed.

Project quote

I'll send a request for you to approve and e-sign the proposal

Quote :

- To start the project and bring it to life, half upfront payment is required.

- With this payment, I can prioritize your projects and postpone other activities that would otherwise take your spot.

- I send an invoice via 17hats and accept credit card payments via Stripe and wire transfers.


Research and Discovery

You have e-signed and made the first invoice. We are in business now.

Now the research phase starts, which will shape every line of copy.


Copy & Revisions

After sifting through all the material I've gathered and you have provided, the actual writing starts.

- I have a clear outline of your customers' pain points and the best way to position your SaaS as the ultimate solution.

- you will get the complete bone structure of the piece of copy, so we can be on the same page on how to write it.

- I deliver and explain the copy which will be already wireframed through Balsamiq.


- one round of revision is included in our agreement. It must be made within the timeframe specified in your proposal and don’t ignore the outline you signed off on.


Delivery and Launch

- Your design team gets the final piece of copy, with my mock up attached.

- any light tweaks are addressed and your new copy is ready to launch.


After your copy went live

So, what's next?

- You will keep monitoring how your copy is interacting with your users and you will keep collecting data.

- I will ask you to keep me informed about your KPIs within 1 month, 6 months and 1 year.

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